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In October of 2010 Erin was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. This blog is to record what is going inside Erin's mind. We don't know what all that will entail... But we are hoping that keeping a record of it will help in some manner. We also hope that maybe, just maybe, that we'll heal from whatever issues that we have and come out victorious.

All personalities or identities within Erin are invited to write here; each entry will be marked with who is writing.

If you are a survivor yourself, there are no trigger warnings on the entries... Please be careful as you navigate this blog. If you are a significant other of someone with DID/MPD, our hope is that this blog may be of some use to you, but please remember that every person with DID is very unique and must be considered as their own case.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day in the life of Tommi: Video -- Tommi

I was bored and I saw that Morrigan had a video post.

-- Tommi

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  1. There's something I've been wondering about. How is it that the three of you are able to rotate between this side and the White Room with such consistency? Perhaps the three of you are getting stronger somehow?

    I know inner torment all too well (it manifests differently for me, though), and I know that mulling over it only strengthens the hurt. I do a lot better when I have stuff to do. The daily activities that the three of you have been doing are probably helping significantly to a similar end even if you don't realize it.

    College can certainly have its fun classes. Sometimes it's just a cool class; other times the cool part is learning new stuff and being challenged. Good luck out there.

    By the way, what degree are you guys aiming for?

    Well that's my 20 cents. Until next time.


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