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In October of 2010 Erin was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder. This blog is to record what is going inside Erin's mind. We don't know what all that will entail... But we are hoping that keeping a record of it will help in some manner. We also hope that maybe, just maybe, that we'll heal from whatever issues that we have and come out victorious.

All personalities or identities within Erin are invited to write here; each entry will be marked with who is writing.

If you are a survivor yourself, there are no trigger warnings on the entries... Please be careful as you navigate this blog. If you are a significant other of someone with DID/MPD, our hope is that this blog may be of some use to you, but please remember that every person with DID is very unique and must be considered as their own case.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Blog: New and Upcoming...

What's New:

The "About Erin" page has some new information, as well as a modified family tree to include Sader. There are also new pictures in the "Internal Family" album. I hope to have hand-drawn pictures of each of us eventually. That's a project that Yomi started and I don't know when it will be finished.

The Guest Book. I can't believe we haven't done this already. That's a place for comments about the blog in general or even just to say Hi. The only thing we ask is that whatever you write, be considerate.

What's Coming: 

I'm a little behind on some of the bios, but I hope to get on that soon. Some people or groups, ex: Blissy or Nere, we don't have a lot of information on yet. But I'll try to get onto writing some up about Sader, Sierra Lime, and Yomi Kitty. I think everyone else doesn't have a lot of information to actually write about.

A timeline! Yeah, I just thought of that myself. This will put major events in an easy to read format so you don't have to go flipping through the entire blog to figure out how it all happened. I think I'm just trying to generate work for myself, to be honest, but at least it's helpful.


Also, this is a great place for suggesting what you would like to know more about. It's is also a great place for suggesting new features or informational sections.

Thank You 

To everyone across the world who has been reading, I want to thank you on behalf of everyone inside. Seeing page-view numbers encourages us that someone out there is hearing what we have to say, and, to some of us, being heard is all we want. Thank you Skynes and Anonymous (yeah, I know who you are, but I don't know what else to call you right now), your comments, suggestions, and encouragements have been heard. It makes my day to see that we have a new comment.

Page-views to date. It's not even a year since this blog was started by Yomi Kitty and we already have nearly 2,000 page views! We have people from the USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, and Canada reading (those are only the top five countries). And here's some random information, 59% of the page-views were with the browser Mozilla Firefox. Anyway, thank you everyone!

That's it for now,

-- Tommi


  1. You're welcome. I do have this blog on my 'Go through this list of things to check'

    Which means I'd check it 3-4 times a day :P

    It's a habit, I know..

  2. I'm not very good with making up names, so Anonymous will do for now. I just want to avoid posting my real name on the internet whenever possible.

    I have a question about the family tree in the "About Erin" section. I noticed that there was one name on the tree that hasn't been explained. Who is Stenno?

    Hang in there. Keeping oneself busy is more essential to mental health than many people realize (failure to do so is actually a common cause of clinical depression).

    Well that's my 20 cents. Until next time.

  3. Wow, I completely forgot that I haven't talked about Stenno on here... I'll make sure to do an update about him too. Sorry about that. -- Tommi


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